There were officials working the tournament who spoke little English, but even they were able to use the boards with little trouble. What impressed us the most was the speed at which the system could be moved around and set up again. The briefcase I carry to work is often heavier the each component of your display.
– 1993 Freestyle World Wrestling Championships, Colin Gladwish , Ontario, Canada Official


The nice quality about the Boutronics scoreboard is there are no storage or maintenance problems if you rent them.
– Black River High School, OH Dave Oberholtzer, Athletic Director
The Boutronics Wrestling Score Clock is, without a doubt, the most outstanding, efficient timing system for amateur wrestling I have seen in over forty (40) years of coaching wrestling.
– Franklin Regional High School, Stan Mousetis, Head Wrestling Coach


For the past three years our athletic staff has used BoutMasters at our annual, sixteen team, season opening invitational tournament. We hear nothing but compliments from coaches, wrestlers and especially fans. BoutMasters provide comprehensive information in an easy to read format. The control board is easy to use and can be mastered by a novice in a matter of minutes.
– Gateway Sr. High School, Richard M. Bane, Head Wrestling Coach


It’s very easy to learn how to operate the clocks. Everything’s right there on the console. It was all programmed in. It’s easy to keep track of injury and blood timeouts. And sometimes, when you have a false start, or a quick stop and start, some time can run off the clock. With Score-Clocks, that’s very easy to replace. The clocks just take a lot of the guesswork and a lot of the hassles out of the job.

I hadn’t had a lot of experience running clocks, but (running the Score-Clock) was very easy to pick up.

Once in the state tournament, we’d start that period at one minute, and have to remember to hit the buzzer at 30 seconds. And if you tick off 30 seconds to get down to the 30-second start, you give the wrestlers 30 seconds of rest, which isn’t in keeping with the rules. So [Score-Clocks] help get it right.
– Illinois State High School Tournament-Tom Heniff


We have used the Boutronics Scoreboards for our State Wrestling Tournaments for the past three years. The Boards are easy to see and read. They contain all the information needed for increased fan awareness of what is happening on multiple mats.
– Indiana High School Athletic Association, Robert B. Gardner, Assistant Commissioner


In a facility that seats 15,000 people, we had no problem with anyone not being able to see the clocks, score and times.
– Kansas State High School Activities Association, Inc., Rick Bowden, Assistant Executive Director


I was impressed on how simple it was to set the clocks up for operation and also in servicing my table personnel on its use.
– VA AAA State Wrestling Championships, Wayne Martin, Tournament Director


Our spectators enjoyed the range of vision the scoreboards provided. I would recommend them unconditionally.
– Virginia High School League, Inc., Larry Johnson, Tournament Director


We will hold two major tournaments next year and intend to use the board for each of them. The program was well worth the money.
– Warren High School, OH Dave Fouss, Athletic Director


Scoreboards are accurate, easy to use and business is professionally handled.
– West Virginia State Tournament Director, Bill Archer

I believe you have now established a new standard for the administration of first-class competitions.
– Maryland State Wrestling Association, Haswell M. Franklin, Chairman


Fan and coach appreciation was high. The referees spoke very highly about the injury time feature.
– Mercer County, NJ, Mark T. Bailey, Tournament Director


A bout should be won on the mat, not at the table. Your Boutronics scoreboard system is the most significant technological breakthrough in our sport since the neoprene mat.
– National High School Wrestling Championships, R. David Hunter Tournament Director


We ran six mats throughout the tournament; the fans and coaches could not say enough about the clocks.
– New England Wrestling Championships, Barry Chooljian, Tournament Director


From a tournament manager’s point of view, we appreciate the trouble free operation, and having the ability to know from across the gym, exactly how much time is left in a match so we can assign a new one.
– Ohio Youth Wrestling, Ken Dies, General Manager


The specifications of your scoreboards are ideal for height, design and rental cost for an event that has the standards we demand. Thanks for your help in making the PAC 10 Championships a success.
– Oregon State University, Mike Corwin, Associate Ad / Tournament Director


Ease of use, mobility and efficiency are very important to a smooth Qualifying Tournament. Thank Boutronics
– Pennsylvania Jr. Wrestling, Paul T. Yoder, Area II Chairman


Great! Fans love them; they can see what’s going on. Table workers love them, easier to use. They speed up your tournament.
– Tulsa Nationals, OK , Jack Roller, Tournament Director

The rental program is as outstanding as the unit itself. I used these clocks at the Division III National Dual Meet in 1995 and plan to use them again in 1996.
– Lycoming College, PA, Roger Crebs, Head Wrestling Coach


An example of the power and versatility of the Boutronics Scoreboard occurred during a match at the Naval Academy when the power was temporarily interrupted. When the power was restored, all the information was maintained in all categories.
I am extremely impressed with the Boutronics Scoreboard and I fell that it is on the cutting edge of technology. I would recommend it to all schools at all levels.
– U.S. Naval Academy, Reg Wicks, Head Wrestling Coach


Having used this new and unique scoreboard at the Eastern Wrestling League Championships hosted at the University of Pittsburgh, I was Impressed with it’s quality, innovative design and specific application to collegiate matches.
– University of Pittsburgh, Rande Stottlemyer