The Score-Clock Rental Program is a cost-effective, convenient way of providing coaches, officials, and spectators with high quality, visible timing and scoring systems at sporting events.

Compared with owning or borrowing scoring devices for an event, the Score-Clock Rental Program is far superior for several reasons.

The Score-Clock Rental Program features rental score-clocks that can be shipped to any location in the country. View All Rental Products

All rental Score-Clocks are:

  • Continuously upgraded with the latest electronic technology to improve usability and reliability, eliminating tournament downtime due to operator confusion or equipment failure.
  • Thoroughly cleaned and tested before each shipment to the event site, eliminating maintenance and repair costs associated with owned or borrowed equipment.
  • Shipped to arrive prior to the event setup date and retrieved the next business day following the event, eliminating long-term storage and insurance costs.

“The Rental Program is as outstanding as the unit itself!”
–Roger Crebs, Head Wrestling Coach, Lycoming College