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Qty 1: $3,745
The Boutronics DL Portable Score-Clocks represent the sales versions of our rental Score-Clocks. There are high school / club models and collegiate models available featuring 2-Side, 3-Side and 4-Side spectator displays.

  • Rugged Design Based Upon Our National Rental Programs
  • Very Easy to Use, No Training Required
  • 5-Inch Red, Green and Amber LED Displays for Great Visibility and No Maintenance
  • Use on Table or Tripod to Elevate Spectator Display up to 9 feet
  • 2-Side, 3-Side and 4-Side Spectator Displays
  • Lightweight and Portable with Built-In Carry Handles
  • Optional Advertising Panels to Help Offset Purchase Costs
  • Made in USA

Size: 30″ High x 20-3/4″ Wide x 12″ Deep
Weight: 40 lbs
Power: 120VAC, 2.0A

This system features a color-coded 5-Inch LED display visible on two sides. This display is recommended for use where spectator seating is on two sides and the Score-Clock display needs to be visible from two sides.

  • Match Time (0:01 to 99:59 Each Period)
  • Match Period (1 to 6)
  • Match Score, Red & Green (0 to 99)
  • Bout Number (1 to 9999)
  • Team Score (0 to 99 Home & Guest)
  • Red & Green Injury, Blood and Recovery Timers

The User Console is the command center for the Boutronics DL Portable Score-Clock. Designed for ease-of-use, anyone can be a proficient user in 5 minutes or less with no formal training. This console technology has been used nationally in our rental systems for the past 10 years with great success. The user also has their own color coded display so there’s no need to ever look at the main Score-Clock display.

The model shown is designed specifically for amateur wrestling but can easily be used for other sports. Additional console layouts will also be made available that are specialized for other sports.