Our Mission

At Score-Clocks Sports Technologies we strive to develop and manufacture the highest quality products possible for our customers. We listen carefully to our customers, determine their requirements, and respond by developing innovative products and services to address their needs.

Our Products

Our current product line and our products in development are all a result of customer suggestions and feedback. Our original goal was to design a unique score-clock that would be easy to use, reliable, portable, and offer spectators a better view. The score-clocks were also designed to be “sport-specific” instead of general purpose to provide all of the timing and scoring functionality required for a particular sport.

We believe our high quality products will outperform and outlast any other products in the marketplace and we stand behind those beliefs with our excellent warranty programs. Score-Clocks is committed to high quality products and services. View Our Products


In 1991, Boutronics Corporation was founded to manufacture a new type of portable Score-Clock that would revolutionize the way amateur wrestling matches were timed and scored.

The company was founded by an engineer, who was formerly a wrestler and a coach, along with a businessman with 50+ years of experience.

After nearly two years of development and testing, the BoutMaster Wrestling Score-Clock was unveiled at the 1993 World Freestyle Wrestling Championships in Toronto, Canada. The Boutmaster exceeded all of its original design objectives and set a new standard for the design of portable score-clocks.

A national score-clock rental program was introduced in 1994, which supplied rental score-clocks to youth, high school, college and international events throughout the United States.

In 1998, Boutronics Corporation was renamed Score-Clocks Sports Technologies The new name was chosen to provide a more identifiable name across various sports and industrial products.

Following 18 months of design and development, a new Boutronics line of portable score-clocks was released in January, 2002. The new score-clock design was based upon the time proven design of the rental score-clocks along with several new enhancements.

Score-Clocks Sports Technologies currently offers sales and rental models for amateur wrestling as well as other sports and industries. We also offer Lease-to-Own programs for all of the new score-clock models.